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Image by Laura Chouette

Makeup & Hairstyling Consultancy 

Makeup and hairstyling is simply a service that helps you build a better and presentable image.  It's something where our in-house professional experts' in makeup and hair helps and guides you through what works the best for you. What's right for your face shape, hair, eye colour and skin type? A lot depends on the makeup and hair. It not just enhances your features but also gives you a more confident look.


You don’t want to rush to a salon or beautician whenever you need to get ready. Why not do it yourself and save time, money and stress to get a trustable artist last minute. We are here to help you out with the below services.​​

What will you get?

  • Basic beauty consultation

  • Know what products suit best for your skin and hair

  • Learn basic techniques of makeup and hairstyles

  • Try them under the guidance of our experts.

  • Everyday skincare routine.

  • One on one Q & A session

  • Know basic tricks and hacks for everyday, wedding and festive looks.

Only at

Rs. 5999/- 

Book this service if you want to...

  1. Dress up head to toe on your own. 

  2. Save spending a fortune on that makeup and hair for every event.

  3. Gift this self-pampering service to your friend, wife or girlfriend. 

  4. Suppose you are an aspiring makeup or hair artist. This can be a good start for your career. 

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