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Our Story

Hi, I am Rucha Kode fashion designer and a fashion stylist. And the founder of Impulse Your Style. My fashion journey started at the age of 21 at my brother's wedding when I designed my outfits for his wedding functions. The design part was a disaster at that time, but my faith in my dream was not. I decided to wear that outfit with complete confidence taking it as pride as my first design. It was one of my best decisions. Today, after so many such good and bad experiments, I earned enough experience, which allowed me to work with some good brands and talented people from the fashion industry. I hope to share my story, ideas, and experience in fashion and contribute to aspiring fashion followers and help non-fashion followers build a neat, presentable and confident look.

Good clothes are not harmful but only gives good fresh vibes and much positivity. So why not look good and feel good?

I always like to help people in my family and friends with style advice but wanted to reach out to the maximum audience. It is scary and exciting at the same time, but anything worth it in life should be. Having a creative and distinctive outlook towards fashion and lifestyle, consistently acclaimed when it reaches the maximum number of people. It need not be always high fashion clothing and accessorising. You can keep it minimal and stay stylish at the same time. Sounds like your cup of tea? We at Impulse Your Style would be more than happy to help you find your Signature Style and make a style statement in your everyday life.

Our vision is to guarantee every customer who experiences our budget-friendly, stress-free styling and shopping services discover a new, confident version of themselves. 


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